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Is WhatsApp the best free text messaging app ever? Yes and no.

I never understood why anyone would ever talk about what the best text messaging app is. A text messaging app is a text messaging app is a text messaging app. You choose your recipient, speak or type your message, and hit send. Done.

And like most people, I felt that the text messaging app that came with my phone was good enough to get the job done. And it does.

Then my daughter sent me a request to download WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a text messaging app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and the other ones which no one actually owns. 

WhatsApp has all of the standard features of every text messaging app but is also loaded with extras. There are hundreds of little icons to embellish your message. So sometimes you don't even need words. Just send an image of the woman getting her nails done or getting a haircut and you're done. Silly? Sure, but really a lot of fun and can make for some creative messaging.

In addition to texting and sending little images, you can also attach images or pics, take photos, add video or audio, even share your location. The latest update also includes voice messaging. Just hold down the little microphone, speak, let go and it automatically sends your voice message. 

The first time I tried it I thought that it was just going to convert my words to text so I spoke really slowly and included verbal punctuation. Then it sent the actual audio. Oops. I sounded like Karl from the movie "Slingblade." "I like the way you talk. Mmmmm hmmmmm."

So, I was going to give this app 4,994 stars out of 5,000 (hey, I can rate 'em however I want), but when visiting the WhatsApp page on Google Play I discovered that it is only free for the first year. Then they want 99 cents per year.

WhatsApp wit dat?





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