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Is it time to get a Smartphone? Useful information for technologically-challenged senior citizens who want to move into the new century.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "I can't get a Smartphone. I'm too old to learn new technology." Poppycock. (Are you old enough to remember "poppycock?") :)

Learning how to use a Smartphone (whether it's an Android wireless device, an iPhone or Blackberry), isn't as difficult as you would think. In fact, it's not all that different than using a computer, and if you're reading this we know you can do that. It's just a much smaller computer with a much tinier browser.

And the real beauty of taking the leap is that you will not only be able to send and receive photos, text messages, videos, emails and settle arguments by usinig Google to get your answer instantly, but it also works as a phone. That's right! You can even make phone calls.
Hey, you already made the first step. You're on the Internet, and a Smartphone really is nothing more than a device which keeps you connected to the Internet even when you're on the go. In fact, even when you are on the go, you can video chat with your grandkids wherever you are. (Note: please be careful when video chatting. Remember, they can see you too. If you're indisposed, wait until you're finished in the bathroom and then call them back.) :)

So, who is going to teach an inquisitive senior citizen how to use a new Smartphone wireless device? Oh come on now. Once you get hooked up on a great wireless plan for seniors the answer will be right in the palm of your hand.

It really is quite simple for newbies (novice Smartphone users) to learn the basics of using their new wireless device by simply using the device itself to teach you.

Every phone, Android, iPhone or Blackberry, has a built in instruction manual and/or tutorial. Use them. Follow along. By the time you're done, you'll be ready for action. And if you have a more specific question or problem with your Android or other device, just Google it. You'll get an answer in no time.

But, isn't it really expensive to use a Smartphone? It doesn't have to be.

Choosing a plan

How to get Internet data and a Smartphone without spending a fortune

Okay, so you've decided that you want to give this Smartphone/Android/iPhone/Blackberry thing a shot, but, how much is this going to cost you?

Thanks to Kitty Wireless and Page Plus there are plans that allow you the opportunity to experience what it's like to have and use a Smartphone without a contract or even a large monthly bill. You can get unlimited talk and text with a reasonable amount of data for only $39.95 per month.

With Kitty Wireless, you will have the reliability of the Verizon wireless network and will be able to activate any Verizon Smartphone and give it a try.

There's a very good chance that if you ask a family member or friend that they'll have an old Smartphone lying around from their last upgrade. Many users keep their old wireless digital devices as a back up and I'm sure they'd be thrilled to help you take a step into the future (as opposed to taking a step into the pasture).

Once you're hooked and know that you're going to keep a Smartphone in your life, you may want to shop and get yourself a cooler phone.

Quality new and used wireless devices are available on Ebay, Amazon as well as directly from Kitty Wireless. Unless you find an amazing deal, it's best to buy from Amazon or Kitty Wireless because you know that the phone will be clean and ready for activation. The phone does need to be a CDMA phone compatible with Verizon Wireless. That's a good thing because of coverage and signal strength.

I have heard nothing but great things about the products and service provided by Kitty Wireless. If you want a little more choice, Amazon does carry phones from and airtime packages for all carriers, but they will come with a contract agreement.

Once you become an expert at using your new Android device (or sooner), I invite you to visit one of my other web sites, Hooked On Droid. There, I offer Android news and app reviews.

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