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How do you make a PDF with your Android, iPhone or other Smartphone device? With CamScanner. CamScanner app review.

CamScanner is an app that claims you can easily create a PDF of any document by simply taking a picture of it with your camera and then using their app to convert it into a PDF. Yeah right. So how did that work out for me? Perfectly.

I love productivity apps (see my review of the Top Three Productivity Apps of 2011), but I usually don't go looking for them unless I need to be productive in a manner which requires an app that I don't have.

So, there I was in need of a copy of my Driver's License so that I could confirm my identity and get paid by a client. But I wasn't near my computer or a scanner. Enter Google Play and the CamScanner app.

I downloaded it, opened it and took a picture of my license. When I was preparing to save it, the app intuitively knew that I wanted only the license and not the area around it, and cropped it perfectly for me. I then saved it on my SD card and attached it to an email which I sent to the client who then forwarded my payment to PayPal.

The features of CamScanner include:

• Auto crop and auto enhance
• Ability to scan a multi-page document
• Share document by email of SMS
• Upload to cloud storage (GoogleDocs, Box, Dropbox, etc.)

And it all works as described. Life is good. So is CamScanner.

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