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Asteroids game app for Android - Pluto Strikes Back
After I first started writing this blog, I was so excited that a couple of developers actually sent me their new apps to try and review. That meant that at least a couple of developers were reading this blog.

Then, thanks to you and your kind, readership grew. Then, more and more developers started sending me apps to review. Now, I can't keep up. I probably have a backlog of 30 or more requests to review and some of them are way back in my email folder and will probably never be seen again. To those developers, I apologize. One of you probably sent me the coolest app ever, and I missed it.

If you do have a new app that you want me to review, here are a couple of pointers as to how to get me to actually do it:

1) If it's already in the Android Market (GooglePlay), provide the link to the GooglePlay page along with your captivating copy to get me interested. That way, if it sounds like something I might like to see, I just click and send it to my phone.

2) If it's not in the market, provide me with the link to download it. If it costs money to purchase the app, send me a FREE COPY. Sorry, but I'm not going to pay to review your app. I work really hard for every buck ninety-nine I have.

3) Don't be offended if I don't review your app. It could be for any number of reasons. Maybe your app is a game and I'm kinda sick of playing games. I have my little game family and it ain't easy getting in. Or perhaps, I hated your app. Usually, I won't write a bad review. I feel that my duty here (hee, hee..he said duty) is to share things that I think are cool or useful or funny, not shit that sucks. Plenty of that all around you. Quick, look to your right. See! Told you.

Anyway, today I'm going to review three of the apps sent to me by developers. Now, let me say that when it comes to games it a very subjective thing. Some people like intricate role-playing games, others like to drive fast cars, and still others like to shoot alien pumpkins and blow up zombies (okay, that's me). Then there's the whole word game genre. So, that being said, this is just what I think.

Pluto Strikes Back

This is a game very similar in look to the classic Asteroids, but instead of using hand controls to move your spaceship around, you just tilt your device. To shoot, you tap the screen in the direction you wish the explosive to project.

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Rules completed. Engage play.

After getting easily blown up on my first few attempts, I wanted to dismiss it as total garbage. Yet, something lured me back. I needed to get a little better at it. And, as is often a good quality in a game, it's quick. No big committment to time required. Unless, of course, you get REALLY good at it and go many cool levels deeper into the game.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to address that because, even though the game has grown on me a little bit, I still suck at it.

Their backstory is simple and, frankly, unneccesary. Pluto is no longer a planet, so they're attacking. And you, the player, will get money for shooting enemies. There is an upgrade but I have no clue what you get for the money. Also, don't care.

My biggest complaint is that you play and play and finally get to a level where different enemies are appearing and then, you get blown up once and the game ends. You are then taken to a screen to try again or exit. No indication as to how you did. No recording of your high scores. No likie that part.

On the other hand, it's a rather fun time killer. Download it in GooglePlay and see what you think.

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