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YTD Video Downloader app review - download videos to view any time


The YTD app for Android allows you to browse and download free video and audio files from a growing number of streaming sites. The interface is pretty easy to use and allows you to browse right within the app, or copy and paste the url from whatever browser you're using to download the video.

Then you simply click on the play button for the video, (within the YTD app's browser) and you are presented with the option to Download or Play. Click Download and the video is downloaded to your SD card. You can now view it at any time without a data connection. 

Under the settings tab, you can set it to only download when you're on WiFi and you can lock the application so no one can see your downloaded videos (wink wink). The Play List tab allows you to sort your downloads by date, size or title.

Pretty simple and pretty cool.

Because the app is called YTD, many assume that it stands for YouTube Downloader. Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow for easy downloading of their videos either online or mobile and YTD clearly states on their website that the app does NOT download YouTube videos.

But that doesn't stop nasty people from giving bad reviews of the app for that reason. How can you give an app a bad review for not doing something that they didn't claim to do in the first place? Silly people. Download it and judge for yourself.

Here is a link to a list of the sites from which you can download videos. Okay, aside from a few (Funny Or Die, Metacafe) they are mostly adult video sites, but hey, it's not like nobody does that.

The app works EXACTLY as promoted and quite well at that. It's simple, straight forward and useful, if you have a reason to compile of collection of videos that you want to be able to watch at any time (wink, wink again). 


Note: the application is also available on the iOS platform. Download it here.





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