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Spell check and autocorrect won't help you with this great spelling game app - WellWrite Android app review



It ocurred to me (oh wait, that's "occurred" isn't it) that, as a word game lover, I didn't know of any Android/Smartphone spelling game apps. Well, I found one. WellWrite. And I love it.

I have always prided myself on being a good speller. In fact I made the semi-finals in the eighth grade spelling bee. I was eliminated on a word that I will never again misspell. Using the WriteWell app format, here's the word that I spelled incorrectly in the eighth grade.

Pick the correct spelling:

1) cantelope
2) cantalope
3) cantaloupe
4) cantleope

writewell spelling app game android app reviews word gamesSo, whattaya think? Well, the answer is number three. I think I spelled number one. That wouldn't have happened if I had had the WellWrite app for Android. Too bad it was a few decades before the game was created.

WellWrite is a free app (with additional levels for a nominal fee) which displays four possible answers (including the occasional "none" and "both"), and you have to click on the correct spelling. Simple and addictive.

The interface has a classy, private-school look and is simple to use. You can choose between a number of options including One and Two Player games. Each round consists of 20 words (I got 18 correct in my first try). When you finish each found you WILL be graded (A+ to F) but it will not go on your permanent record. 

Of course, you can share your brilliance with others (and compete with them) on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

It also features a pretty soothing music track while playing the game.

This fun app is perfect for anyone who either thinks they're a good speller or wants to become one (because they rely WAY too much on spellcheck and autocorrect).

WellWrite is a great spelling game app and is highly reccommended, or is it recomended, or is it...? Oh, never mind.






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