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Shoot the Messenger Android App Review - lets you double check your texts before sending



Even though I do enjoy a good game, the apps I like the most are productivity apps. I especially like apps which improve on things that you do everyday and make the process easier and better. That's what the Shoot the Messenger app for Android does. It affords you the opportunity, when sending an email or a text, to take it back before it's delivered.

I know, we all love those funny auto-correct texts that circulate on the Internet, but wouldn't it be nice if, those times when you just made a stupid mistake or didn't notice the auto-correct that had occurred, that you could call back your message before it was sent? Of course it would.

With Shoot the Messenger, you are afforded 15 seconds to look over what you just typed and if you spot an error, or worse yet, the wrong recipient, just hit that red arrow and stop the transmission. Simple? Yes. Useful? As hell.

Now, let's say that you wanted to send an email to Mona to discuss that kinky new sex position you tried last night, but you accidentally entered Momma in the recipient line. Ooops. No worries, Shoot the Messenger gives you the same ability to call back your email before it's delivered.

The learning curve for this app is non-existent, since the interface to send texts and emails looks and acts pretty much like what you're probably accustomed to using.

A couple of other cool features of this app are the Stealth Mode and the Scheduled Messaging Mode.

With the Stealth Mode, you can schedule to block incoming messages from specific senders for a specific period of time. I used this recently when I recorded a boxing match on HBO and planned to watch it later. I blacklisted my boxing-fan friends so they wouldn't text me comments or the outcome during the live broadcast. Very cool feature.

Using the Scheduled Messaging mode you can schedule future texts and emails. Write 'em, schedule 'em, forget 'em. You can even schedule to have a Happy Birthday text sent to Momma. Or maybe you'll have to schedule a "sorry I sent you that kinky sex email" message. :)

This isn't a free app, but for only 99 cents it's a great deal. Plus I like to support independent app developers. The more cools stuff they come up with, the more apps there will be for me to review.







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