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Look into the future and the past with SeeTime app - What day were you born on? Android app review


You probably know your birthday, but maybe you don't know what day of the week you were born on? Sure you can count on your fingers backwards starting today and figure it out or you can download SeeTime a very cool and efficient app for Android which will figure it all out for you...and more.

SeeTime (available free in Google Play) is a simple yet fun app, which will allow you to pick any date in the past or the future and determine what day of the week it was or will be, and how may days, weeks, months or years ago it was, or will be. Kinda cool.

The default configuration when you open the app is a bit confusing. It has today's date pre-loaded at the top of the screen and shows information 15 days weeks months or years into the future and the past. Frankly I don't care about what happens 15 months from now or 15 months ago. Not a notable time-frame. However I might want to know what day of the week Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Why? I have no idea. Actually I don't care what day it was. But you might. And See-time makes it easy to discover.

So I'm going to explain how to use this cute little app to find out what day of the week any past or future date was or is going to be. See, I told you it could be confusing.

In IMAGE 1 at left, click on the the back arrow circled in red at the bottom right until the big red number is at 0. Then click to change the date (inside the second red circle in IMAGE 1. You will immediately discover the day of the week it was and depending on whether you have selected Day, Week, Month or Year you will also know how many days, weeks, months or years ago it was.

For some reason, you will also be able to view the same info the same number of years into the future. That kind of sucks when you get a bit older, because it will probably be a date when you'll be dead.

How many months old are you?

How long, after a baby is born, is it okay to give the child's age in months? Most parents say "Junior is 18 
months old" instead of a year and a half? Oh come on. Enough already. How about we all do that?

With the nifty SeeTime app you too can annoy others by giving your age in months instead of years. Let's say you're 46 years old and someone asks you how old you are now you can say I am 562 months old.

You can do this (see IMAGE 2) by clicking on the "M" (months), and changing the Past date to your birthday. Voila!

What else happened on the day you were born?

Aside from the monumental event of your birth, what else happened on the day you were born? With Seetime, you can search for news on any given day. Unfortunately it doesn't work for dates in the future, or this would be a really cool app.

To check on the news, weather, movies, history for any past date, begin by clicking on those four little vertical lines on the right center of the main page. It may tell you that you haven't selected a date, but here is the easiest way to get access to your chosen date: click on the Change button (circled on IMAGE 3) and put in the date you want. It basically just takes you to Google for this info, but is still pretty cool.

This app requires no permissions whatsoever, making it a really fun and safe app to add to your roster. Recommended for silly, accurate fun.







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