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PickWeb Android app review - simplify your search and get where you're going faster



The web can sometime be a pretty daunting place. I mean, think about it, the reason they call it the web is because once you begin searching for one thing you may branch out (or be distracted by) other related or unrelated websites. And some of the sites you find and click on may actually not even be close to what you were originally searching for.
pickweb simplify search android app reviews iphone
If only someone would harness this monster. 

Enter: PickWeb, a new Android app which takes your search criteria, fine tunes your request and delivers only relevant links to websites utilizing your chosen keywords and phrases in pre-chosen categories.

The app is free but does require registration to use.

So, let's take a quick tour:

After downloading the app, I clicked on their Links tab and then the "Weather" option. I was taken to my browser and offered a bunch of weather options. There were even some pretty cool ones that I wasn't aware.

A definite advantage (even though you probably have your weather preferences under control) is that you get to bypass all of the ads and distractions until you get to your chosen selection, then you're back in Google's hands.

Next, under Catalog, I chose "Entertainments" (they added the "s" not me), and clicked on Humor. There I was served up all of the usual suspects like Comedy Central, Cracked, Funny Or Die, the Onion and others. Of course I was disappointed not to see Interactive Lunacy and Click On Comedy there, but maybe later. :)

Under the Search tab you are provided with a nice selection of options including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Rambler.

I'm sure that they will be updating the app to include even more options, but I do recommend downloading and checking it out. Then, find your area of interest and see what PickWeb has to offer.







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