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FoxFi Android app is a free wireless hotspot which requires no rooting or tethering account

About a year ago I  tried to find a way to make my phone a WiFi hotspot without having to root my device or pay Verizon even more than I already do. I didn't find anything at that time. So, when I needed to connect to the Internet on my laptop while away from a WiFi connection I would use PDANet and connect with a USB. 

When you have an actual 4G phone with 4G coverage, PdaNet works remarkably well. I bought the paid version which is worth every penny (right now only $7.95 for a full license).

Then, a few weeks back while researching something else, I ran across some info on the FoxFi Android app, which claimed to be a free WiFi hotspot for Android which did not require rooting. Well, let me tell you, I'm rooting for that. (Sorry.)

So, I loaded it onto my Motorola RAZR HD and tested it. It seemed okay, but not as fast as when I have the wired PDANet connection. But then again, from a convenience standpoint, I felt it was worth purchasing. After all, it was only another eight bucks or so.

I went through the motions to buy the upgrade, but instead of taking my money, I was directed to a page which asked me to re-enter my PDANet serial number. I opened my main Gmail account, searched for PDANet Serial Number and there it was. I entered it and now have a fully unlocked version of the no tether plan or rooting required WiFi hotspot.

But, it still seemed a bit slow.

Then, after a little more research, I discovered that there was an add on for FoxFi called, cleverly enough, the FoxFi AddOn. With so many different phones and devices the developers state repeated disclaimers that it may not work on your phone, or the add on may do nothing. However, one feature of the FoxFi AddOn, which I don't even know that I actually need, is that it creates a proxy server on your phone so your carrier can't detect that you're tethering. I downloaded it and it automatically runs in the background when you open the FoxFi app.

Well, I'm not sure what happened, but now the FoxFi free wireless WiFi hotspot is smoking fast. Watch-a-movie fast. I saw that others made that claim after downloading the AddOn. So I'd get both if I were you. Oh wait, I am you.

Now, when I need to get online and there isn't WiFi available, I switch on my 4G, open FoxFi on my phone, open my laptop and Voila! I'm connected.

Highly recommended, unless of course you have a device that it doesn't work on..then it sucks.





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