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London 2012 Official Olympic Game app for Android and iPhone iOS review

This week, the Official (so they tell me) London 2012 Summer Olympic Android and iOS game app was released. The info they sent me tells me that the game allows you to participate in nine of the most anticipated events at this year's summer games. In this app review, I played a couple of them.

It sounded interesting, but as many of you know, I'm more inclined to download, install and review productivity apps like CamScanner PDF maker or Vlingo than review an Android or iPhone game app. But, I figured I'd watch the YouTube video they sent and see how it looks. The YouTube video is only 37 seconds long, but that's all it took to hook me. Wow! That looks so cool. I gotta download this baby.

So, I followed this link to get the free version and sent it to my Android phone. I neglected to switch it to 4G and was wondering why it was taking so long to download. Because it's 49 freaking megabytes big, that's why. Midway through the download I switched to 4G on my Thunderbolt and figured I'd check it out during my lunch hour.

When I went to open it, I was greeted with an update (I only downloaded it an hour earlier), and the damned update took a very long time to download as well. But finally, I had the game and was ready to play.

The London 2012 Olympic game lets you participate in 110m Hurdles, Swimming, Kayaking and Archery and more. All events are displayed in 3D graphics at official London 2012 venues. You create your own athlete and the graphics are amazing.

The instructions for the first two events I tried (100 meter run and freestyle swimming) were very clear and I was ready to go.

I must say, it's a pretty fun app and if you have the time and space, I'd recommend it. I know I plan to play more.

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